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Welcome to Kringle & Co.

Kringle & Co, the Christmas division of KWS Blank Canvas Music Publishing, Ltd., is a UK-based record label that discovers and curates new original and reimagined Christmas songs that have the potential to become Holiday classics. Created in 2020 when Christmas was cancelled and spirits were low, three music lovers separated by thousands of miles came up with an idea to bring family and friends together with much-needed Christmas cheer.

A Call for Songs went out all over the globe in early 2021. Now with over 100 Holiday songs in a curated catalogue, with selected songs featured in annual album releases including The Next Christmas Classics, Volumes 1,2, and Volume 3 (2023); A Solo Christmas Journey featuring guitarist Guillem MiTchel; A Cozy Christmas featuring Katrina and Zach; and A Classical Christmas, featuring Sara and Elise (2023), have been created by the Kringle & Co family of over 40 writers & composers from all over the world.

Today, these holiday tunes are shared on radio, and major music platforms, and are offered for synchronization placements. Our annual Christmas CD/digital releases span all genres and are distributed worldwide.

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